Let’s Eat some coffee

Ok, so you don’t usually eat coffee, but food and coffee go great together. Chomp Mug is all about the search of good food and great coffee. And when we can find both in the same place we may never want to leave!

If food is our body’s fuel coffee is that little boost of nitrous oxide that makes us giggle a bit and move a whole lot faster. In some instances, it can be bad for you in mass quantities, but just the right amount can put you in the perfect, healthy state of blissfulness. Join us in our adventure for the search of deliciousness. Of course, ma

Of course, many of us enjoy that perfect cup of coffee at home too — we’re with you there. Nothing is better than coffee in pajamas! Consumer Reports is good at reviewing things and when they put a little effort into if they can make the perfect coffee too. at least it is a starting point for what the perfect cup of coffee could be like. We’ll work on the reality of this…